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Welcome To Delicately Balanced Therapy!!
Thank you for visiting our site and congratulations on making  the first step to a decision that will change your life. Feel free to navigate through our website and see if our values, methods and specializations match your needs. In looking for a therapist, it is best to find one that you feel compliments your goals and life and would be of service to you in developing skills to best
                           deal with the daily demands of your life. No 
                              matter your reason for seeking a therapist                                     know  that no matter which therapist you
choose you have already made a great
choice in valuing your life by deciding you
want the best for yourself in seeking
to move forward for the better.
What's Next?>>>>
So you've made it this far. You have decided that some aspect of your life has become overwhelming, is disrupting your happiness, or making you feel that you have exhausted all you can do alone and you may wonder ok now what, what's next?

 This is where finding a therapist steps in. You have at least a general idea of your goal and while you may not know just how to go about resolving the problem you have made up your mind to do something constructive about it which is one of the most important steps. As you look through this site and a few others, ask yourself if what you read resonates with you if you feel that the words seem as if they were written just for you and that this is the place where you know you can make that next step towards a journey of feeling relieved, hopeful, and empowered. 
Lets Get Started
There are many factors at play in choosing the right therapist for you. The most obvious are logistical, such as specialization, location, cost, insurance coverage and appointment availability, but there are a number of other important issues that are vital to consider before making that first appointment. At Delicately Balanced Therapy, we understand that your life and time are valuable and to make the best informed decision you must be sure that you read through our website and understand our core goals in working with you to invite process into this season of your life.