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About Delicately Balanced Therapy, PLLC
                             Delicately Balanced Therapy was started by Taísh Malone MS, LPC, a licensed                              psychotherapist who has developed a passion and specialization in treating                                 those affected by  chronic medical illnesses, women's issues, trauma , anxiety,                              and relational issues. She began Delicately Balanced Therapy as a practice      
                          which would help others to re-engage in finding their hidden strengths in coping and creating a more balanced existence that will introduce themselves to their greatest potential. She works with individuals, couples, and families in making this vision a reality.

Therapeutic Approach
Taish's approach to therapy is practiced from the Solution Focused Brief Therapy model, which means she trusts in the strengths and abilities of her clients to develop actions which foster a more fulfilling empowered approach to their lives. She promotes understanding of how we all come by our issues honestly, enabling greater compassion for ourselves, for others, and for our shared humanity.

At Delicately Balanced Therapy, Taísh Malone offers individual, couples, and family therapy . She specializes in clients dealing with chronic medical illnesses, women specific concerns, trauma, and relational issues.

Her passion and experience in working with those with chronic medical conditions is what sets her apart from many therapists in her field. She has dedicated the past 7 years to conducting research, speaking on, and treating the psychological presentations of living with a diagnosis. Coping with the pain, grief, and isolation that often comes from having a medical diagnosis can not only take a physical toll on the body but a mental one as well. While the physical challenges of an illness are undeniable whether they are clearly seen or not; the psychological, emotional, and mental disturbances often lurk below the surface and may not be addressed by medical professionals or even the individual themselves. Taísh has helped many to understand that their psychological health is just as important in creating a quality life and identifying their personal strengths to develop habits that lead them to thrive despite their diagnosis. She also helps couples and families to understand the role they play in creating this new ideal for their loved ones dealing with an illness, since the value of intimate relationships and social interactions is undeniably important when dealing with a medical condition.

Knowing the Values of the Founder
Taísh has secured both her bachelors and masters in psychology. Her Master's studies included specialization in both clinical and counseling psychology, where she developed her love of communicating compassionately and effectively with an openness that has often been identified as 'natural,' and her interest in the scientific aspect of the mind-body connection and how balancing the relationship between them aids in securing complete wellness and health.
She is presently in the dissertation phase of getting her Doctorate in Psychology, where she continues to research illness and the resilience needed to thrive. Her years in studying psychology have afforded her time to research chronic physical/medical conditions, loneliness, and overall thriving through adversity and challenges after traumatic transitions in life. She has also lent her services as a motivational speaker encouraging those affected by chronic illness to seek quality in life while forging forward in introducing living into their lives.

Is Delicately Balanced Therapy right for YOU?
Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as chronic pain, an autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, or a blood disorder? Are you struggling to cope with difficult or distressing emotions related to managing the illness? Perhaps you have experienced a drastic change in your medication, which has affected your work performance and personal relationships. You may find it difficult to communicate your needs and feelings directly to those around you, and their lack of understanding can cause heavy feelings of stress and isolation. Maybe you have an illness that doesn’t present physical symptoms, and you frequently have to explain that you indeed do require accommodations. Are you frustrated, angry or afraid about the status of your health and how it impacts your life? Do you wish that others could understand what you are going through? If you or a loved one struggle with any of these concerns, Delicately Balanced Therapy's methods are designed to allow you to uncover your own fortitude and find comfort in helping you understand that while these feelings and thoughts are common for those with chronic conditions, your experiences with it needs a personal touch that can help you best work through these inconveniences and arrive at a place of peace in dealing with your diagnosis. 

For more information, or to speak with Taísh regarding an appointment, call 214 702 2319 or visit the Contact page.